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All tutorials provided on simbyone.com are free for both personal as well as commercial use. In both cases you are requires to post a link back to the original tutorial or simbyone.com home page.

You are not allowed to sell our work, re-publish or redistribute.

For example if you build a product and it only contains the code from one of our tutorials you are not allowed to sell that product.

Tutorials provided on simbyone.com will always remain free. They are designed to inspire developers and build great websites with them. They are not designed to be used straight away in production, you will have to add your own flavor. Since they are not designed to be used in production we don’t take any responsibility for any damage that may produce.

You are not allowed to claim our tutorials as you’re own. If you write articles about us or our work we will greatly a appreciate a link.

Please contact us if you are not sure of something regarding our copyrights.

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