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Popa Robert

Responsive jQuery Pop Up Gallery

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a an awesome popup gallery. Each gallery will have a small preview animation. This tutorial will provide you with five different popup galleries. All the main animations are done using CSS transitions. I would of liked to build the entire thing...

Popa Robert

Responsive Layered Slider

In this tutorial you will lean how to create a responsive layered slider. The slider will have multiple slides, each slide will have multiple layers which can have a different fade in effect. The entire slider works by using just a JavaScript document and you don't have to attach any...

Popa Robert

Loading Header while Scrolling

This tutorial will teach you how to create a loading header effect while you scroll. To create this we will use both jQuery and some CSS features. This tutorials has 4 examples and i will explain in detail how each works. Loading header while you scroll it's a growing trend...

Popa Robert

Animated Header with scroll

Today I will teach you how to create an animated header with scroll to a section of the page each time you click one of the links in the header. To make things a bit more interesting I also added a text heading to each section. Images used in this...

Popa Robert

Animated Masonry Gallery with Filters

In this tutorial i will teach you how to create an animated masonry gallery using Isotope, jQuery and CSS transitions. Please note that isotope is not free for commercial use, in order to be sure please check their licensing. For images used in this tutorial visit David Hauserman and Daniel...

Popa Robert

How to create a Rotated Gallery

Today i will teach you how to create a tilted gallery using jQuery and using the CSS3 transform property. Each gallery features controls and popup for each picture. This tutorial is best suited for portfolio galleries or for creating a professional photo gallery. This tutorial is made so that it...

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