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Popa Robert

Page Transition Effects

Page transitions can be used when the page has finished loading to create a nice page loading effect. Animations are possible entirely without using JavaScript. All the animations are stored inside animations.css file. All the other styles related to the layout of the page are inside main.css, helper-margin....

Popa Robert

15 CSS Mobile Header Animations

I have created this resource to highlight some navigation animations. By explaining the first example I hope you will understand the rest animations. The main thing that will differ is the navigation animation. You can find the styles for the CSS animations in the header of each page. Animations where...

Popa Robert

30 CSS Hover Effects For Buttons

I have created 30 CSS button hover effects that uses only CSS for the animation. In this tutorial I will only explain how the sixth example works. You can view the code for the rest of the buttons by downloading the source code. Be careful not to ruin your website...

Popa Robert

30 CSS Page Preload Animations

I have created 30 CSS page preload animations that used only CSS for the animation, jQuery was used just to hide the animation. You can hide the loading screen just by clicking anywhere on the screen. Those animations are best suited for content that takes some time to load like...

Popa Robert

9 Album Preview Animations using CSS only

Without a doubt CSS in gaining a lot of track lately. Because CSS latest features rivals jQuery a lot and because it's a lot easier to just use CSS instead of CSS and jQuery together. For that reason a lot of people are ditching jQuery for CSS. I have to...

Popa Robert

Drag and Drop Newsletter Builder using jQuery

In this tutorial i will teach you how to create a drag and drop interface for a newsletter builder using jQuery. You will be able to create your own template and import it in the builder because i have designed the builder to work with various templates not just the...

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